About Jason Ware

Jason Ware has been driven by his need to create images his entire adult life. His high school jobs were working for local portrait studios behind the camera and in the color and black and white darkrooms. He worked at the local camera store learning about all the equipment he could get his hands on. After graduation he spent his summer teaching photography to children at a summer camp.

Jason attended Art Center College of Design in the product photography program. In 1990 he earned his BFA degree in photography. After graduation he worked a year as an assistant to many Los Angeles based product photographers to round out his experience with different styles and specialties. The next move was to take a full time position as studio manager where the specialty was splashes, beverage pours, and various stop motion effects. This provided an excellent hands on learning experience while at the same time he started building his own client base.

In 1992 Jason left working for others and dedicated all his time to launching his own studio career. Over the past two decades his professional product and food photography has served clients ranging from advertising agencies to large fashion companies and various client direct solutions. His services are honed to fulfill the needs of high end professionals. In fact, his strength is to listen very closely to your needs and provide the precise solution for the job.

At a time when the great majority of consumers encounter your product online and in print well before they ever get to experience it in the flesh, creating representations both pristine and evocative is a major competitive opportunity. Jason Ware knows how best to present your product in settings both minimal and extravagant. By literally putting any object in its best light he constructs images of grace and beauty that elevate your project to its highest visual form. He does so using a client-friendly process that is thorough, logical, and drama-free. Drawing on over 25 years of experience in the field, he provides immediately useful plug-and-play elements that will make your work look its best across all forms of reproduction.