As the economy continues to struggle businesses are looking for savings wherever they can. Technology has made product photography within the capabilities of just about anyone with a camera and computer. It’s tempting for some small businesses to cut the cost of hiring a professional photographer and delegate the task to an employee.

If you are contemplating cutting that cost from your marketing budget you might want to consider a few things before going down that road. Is “good enough” the same as great when it comes to selling more product on your website, catalog, or ad? What about the perceived value of what you are selling? Many have found that the ROI on professional product photography is well worth it.

For more information, check out this article from The Wall Street Journal who interviewed a few companies facing this issue.


  1. Frederic Vega -

    The most basic form of product photography is an object in front of a white or solid colored seamless background. This is often utilized in retail catalogs when they want to display their products without distractions. These are sometimes called cutouts because it’s easy to cut out and insert into another image.

  2. Blaine T. Barrett -

    There are many different ways you can achieve professional-looking catalogue photos and for many it comes down to experimenting and experience. However, successfully mastering the basic techniques of catalogue photography will help turn your product images into sellable products that customers will want to buy.

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    These are great tips, hope you can also write an article about tricks of the trade in product photography.

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    So ask a photographer questions. Whether about jewelry photography , food photography , commercial product photography, or artwork documentation — ask and stop by their studio and see where they work. Judge their website. See how seriously they take their image before you let them manage yours. Don’t be afraid to ask about price and fees. And most importantly, invest in your product by investing in a professional.

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    The number one asset for any online business or catalog is impressive product photos. Photos communicate value and are a direct reflection of your company and the products you are selling. You need to show your product in the best light. A product photographer does just that. A good photograph of your product gives it the right position at the starting line. Good product photography allows the user to view and experience a product before purchasing. Professionally taken product imagery can also aid your company’s image. No matter what type of product you’re selling, Professional Product Photography can make the difference.

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    If you’re selling products online, having high-quality images is one of the most important aspects of your business. Product photos can make or break a sale. Hiring a professional photographer to take your product photos can take your business to the next level.

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